I’m back!!

Accuse me of “clich!é-ing” now, but I can’t believe time goes so fast!!  My last blog was early 2019 – three years ago. 

There are no excuses.  However, the good news is I’ve reignited my love for writing and look forward to sharing some of the wonderful places and things (along with a few aliens), I’ve discovered. 

As most of you know, three years ago I moved from Durban to Somerset West some 46 km outside of Cape Town.  Soon after arriving in my new home, I got a dog Lucy, tasted copious amounts of good wines, discovered wonderful new places, met new people and survived the pandemic.  The very best part was adding another member to my family – Oliver.  Thank you, Tami and Shane, for my new tiny-wee grandson.

Some of the joys of living where I do

Walking on the beach with my brother Jim

Almost every morning just before sunrise you will find Jim and myself walking on the beach.  It’s a wonderful treat and a special time together.  Sometimes our footprints are the first in the sand that day.

Our conversations range from companionable quietness to hearty discussions on topics such as solving this world’s problems, the meaning of Bible prophesy, how to brew beer, even how many colours a Lilac-breasted Roller has!!


Beach companions

Often, we find treasures along the way, and call them “gifts”.   Could be a colourful rainbow over the ocean, a particularly beautiful sunrise, helping a fisherman release a ray inadvertently caught on his line, gulls still roosting on the seashore and us trying not to “wake them”.

Jim also believes his swim in 15 degree Celsius waters is a gift.  I beg to differ.  Another topic for discussion?




A small wetland in my home townA small wetland – Paardevlei

This treasured nature area is within walking distance from my home.  Beautiful birds live and nest here and migratory birds visit each year.  Regularly flamingos are seen feeding and on special occasions pelicans rest enroute to another more preferred destination.

At the end of most days, Lucy my dog and I walk through Paardevlei to enjoy not only wonderful nature but beautiful sunsets.  Sometimes even in the company of wine.

Close by there are other good birding spots, from Helderberg Nature Reserve, Dick Dent, Tern roost on the beach to name a few.  I’ve also joined Somerset West Bird Club and they have shared with me some wonderful birding spots nearby – including wine farms that welcome birds and birders.

Winelands in my home town


I also live in the heart of the winelands and visit winefarms regularly.   Next to me overlooking Paardevlei Wetland is Flagstone (one of my favourite).  Lourensford in Somerset West hosts a wonderful market on Fridays and Saturdays, music evenings, and outdoor movie nights.  Can anything get better?

Muratie is another favourite.  This is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa dating right back to 1685.  They also have bike and walking trails and from time to time arrange Sunset Walks which are great fun.

Cape Town

I’m a mere 40 minutes outside of Cape Town, ranked as one of the best cities in the world.    It’s beautiful, has a huge variety of things to do and has some world-class restaurants.  Besides many birding opportunities, there are wonderful hikes – have explored Tokai and Newlands Forests aswell as Silvermine Nature Reserve to name a few.

Friends for over 40 years

New and Old Friends

Moving to my new home meant leaving behind some very goods friends I had “gathered” over the years.  Was quite scary.  Well, I’m glad to report I have kept in contact with them, and some have visited me right here in my new home.

Making friends here has been a bit slow and difficult (I’m going to blame the pandemic as all potential friends were hiding away from everyone).  Saying that, I’ve met a lot of folk and slowly relationships are building.

The best is that two of my favourite people are close by.  Stella and I share of friendship of over 40 years.  She is my coffee and cheesecake friend and someone I can call on whenever I’m sick of my own company.

Penny, one of my Durban friends has just moved to Cape Town – such a bonus.  She started off as  a birding pal having spent many happy hours together birding together and sharing fabulous

An old friend moves to my new home town

We don’t only bird together!!

trips looking for lifers.  Now she’s a good friend – from birding, to dining and wine-ing, not  to forget the sharing of our mutual love for books.

Well, we have now all caught up on the news.  I plan to share with you more about this wonderful world we live in and hope you will find my writing engaging, amusing and refreshing.