My blog is mere personal ramblings of a mother whose children have flown the nest.  It’s about what I do to keep my nest full and the fun that goes with it. It’s  not the views of my children, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, they’re all mine.

My readers are valuable to me and I respect each and every one.  Please accept my apologies if I offend someone.  It is not intentional and will most certainly be due to a misunderstanding.  I love it when my readers comment on my posts.  However, I am not responsible for what they say and many times they do not reflect my personal opinion.

Most of the photographs are my own.  If you want to use one, please ask and credit me as the photographer. Those not taken by me have been downloaded from internet sites like Pixabay and Freeimages or I have received permission from the author to use them.

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