This is My Story…

Birder with an empty nest.

I experienced something every mother has – my children grew up and left home. Suddenly I found myself flying solo and I didn’t know the way.  Life after kids is not easy.

My heart told me to fill this gap by finding something I was passionate about. I joined a walking club – hated it. I learned to scuba-dive which I loved but was not passionate about. I took art lessons but found them boring and my artwork was worthy of only the bin.  Not even my art teacher could get excited.

As a young girl my father had taught me to love the outdoors and nature, particularly birdwatching.  During my short unhappy marriage, being a single mum and a business owner, I had forgotten about this passion.

So with a pair of old dusty binoculars I tentatively joined the Port Natal Bird Club.  After my first outing I was hooked – my birdwatching passion was reignited. With new friends, interesting places to visit, a bird list to keep updated, my empty nest was “re-feathered” – excuse the pun.


Life after kids is not easy


Some time ago a friend messaged me asking if I was retired as I was ‘never at home’. This got me thinking of writing a Blog titled “Not at home, Will Write”.   My first post was in June 2016 (Read),  but I only started taking it more seriously in 2017.

My blogs are not only about birdwatching or for mums with empty nests! I am hoping they will entertain you and you will find little gems of knowledge about life, places, people and of course birding.

Please note most of the photographs are mine, often taken with a cellphone.  Whenever I have used someone else’s photos I have given them the credit.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my posts.   Please feel free to comment, I look forward to hearing from you.