An (im)perfect grandmother, perfectly in love

As the years rolled by and my children grew older, I soon realised I was way past the bloom of youth.   In fact, old enough to be a grandmother!!

Friends started “having babies” and I was feeling “broody”.  My children just laughed at me saying I’d never have time for grandchildren.  To quote my sister Ann :  “too busy birding, camera-ing, photographing, walking, exploring”

Promoted to Grandma

Then in 2018 Cloe’ was born and I was promoted to “Granma”.


Finally, when Cloè was just eight months old I met this little miracle.  My confidence at being the very best grandma, the most loveable, capable, playful, just a plain awesome grandmother was soon shattered.


Quickly I realised I wasn’t exactly qualified to be a grandmother.   In fact I was hopeless.


You see, all my dreams of having a grandchild were playing with them, teaching them, reading books with them, going for walks and showing them all the magical things around us. I forgot an 8-month-old baby doesn’t do these things!!


As a grandmother, I was completely out of my depth.


When she cried or needed attention, I had no idea what to do. It was such a problem that Devan asked me who had brought him up.   Clearly I had no idea what I was doing.


I tried my very best to entertain her, play with her, carry her around. I even found myself pointing out the birds, trees and found little bugs for her. Although she appeared interested, she seemed just as interested in grabbing sunglasses off my face, sucking her fingers, pulling the dog’s ears or digging in her toy box.  At the same time she far preferred her mom and dad.


I had a lot to learn


As imperfect a grandma I was, I was perfectly in love with this amazing little miracle before me.  My heart swelled with pure, absolute and unconditional love.


Sharing a lazy afternoon with my precious grandchild

A much improved grandma with Oliver

Footnote  :-

My readers will be relieved to learn I have since improved my grandmother skills.   In fact I consider myself a pretty cool grandma.  I’ve  also have been gifted with another grandchild – this time a precious little boy Oliver.

These past weeks I’ve been practicing my new found skills on him, and they seem to be working!!



Update to follow