Soon I’ll be moving down to Somerset West in the Cape after living in Durban for over 20 years.

Although I’m excited to move, there’s a lot I’m going to miss.

My Durban family and friends

This, of course, tops the list.  I will miss my sister Ann and her family  They have always had an open door, and whenever I got sick of my own company I could always gate crash.


Ann, Ralph and Lexi

Meet Lexi on Instagram @lexi_rescuepup

Left:  Ralph, Ann and Lexi (a rescue dog that was supposed to be a Jack Russell, but is more of a greyhound!!)

Right:   About to go frogging with Nick Evans – all prepared with our gumboots.  The wine was an added bonus.

Meet  Nick on Facebook @KZNHerpConservation

Gumboots and wine

Over the years I’ve also made some very good friends, some going back over 20 years.

I’ve spent many hours birdwatching with friends from Port Natal Bird Club and made great friends from Durban Camera Club many of whom have shared their gems of knowledge about photography.

It’s going to be tough leaving them and no doubt I will often hanker after them.

Birdwatchers at Durban Bayhead
Photographers in field photographing wildflowers

The wonderful wildlife right next door to me in Durban

Across the road from my home in Durban is beautiful luxuriant bush and is the home of many birds, two troops of Vervet monkeys as well as a large family of Banded Mongoose.

Every morning, especially in summer I’m woken to the sound of birds welcoming the new day.  When the annual visitors, such as Diederick Cuckoo arrive for the summer it’s even more exciting.

My favourite annual visitor is a pair of Yellow-billed kites who nest each year nearby.

The Red-capped Robin-Chat is my favourite winter visitor when he comes to escape the cold weather further inland.


Diederick Cuckoo
Yellow-billed Kite
Red=capped Robin Chat
Vervet Monkey, Durban

Vervet monkeys can be real nuisances when they break in and ransack your kitchen leaving a mess.  However, they’re  so cute, entertaining and I cannot help but love these little critters.   I will miss bumping into them on my way home.

Banded mongoose family

I was always so excited to see this family of mongoose whenever they appeared on the side of the road home.  Occasionally I was treated to seeing their minute babies being carried acro the road to safety.  Never did I tire of these interesting creatures.


Early morning walks on Durban’s promenade

Often we were treated to beautiful sunrises during our walks.  The coffee at Bike and Bean was an added bonus.


Sunrise over Blue Lagoon, Durban

Sunrise + Bike & Bean Coffee = Blissful start to the day

Bike & Bean Coffee Shop, Durban
Quote Billy Cox

While paging through my new diary for 2019 (I’m still one of ‘those’ who uses a paper diary), I found a quote from Billy Cox :

“You don’t have to close the book to start a new chapter”.

With my looming move to the Western Cape, I’ll be starting a new chapter – not closing the book.


  1. Stella

    Life has so many twists and turns…doors closing, others opening, unexpected bonuses. You always look for opportunities and each day is a new adventure for you. You are optimistic, fun loving and have a great thirst for exploring nature. You will love your new home and I am excited to once again be living in the same area with you after 45 years of friendship from 1974. Heres to 2019 and a new chapter. Love Stella xx

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you Stella. Am looking forward to my new adventure.


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