Today is World Rhino Day.  Although according to statistics, the number of rhinos being killed has declined, the news is still grim.

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would never focus on the negative.  However, visit Save The Rhino where you will not only learn how critically endangered our precious rhinos are (about 3 killed each day) but also how corruption has thwarted efforts to stop this carnage.  The more people who know about this the better.  Hopefully, all those involved, the poachers, king-pins and others in high places are brought to task.

Pair of White Rhino

Finding a Rhino is a must on any Safari trip.  These are majestic animals that command admiration, reverence and affection.  Saying this, I am ashamed to admit that once, while watching a magnificent Black Rhino was I distracted.

Actually, the whole safari vehicle was distracted …… by a Bushveld Pipit.  (non-birders would call it an LBJ). While sitting in the company of this animal we heard a call belonging to this tiny bird sitting on a branch opposite us

Whoosh ……… 8 birders, binoculars and cameras went whizzing round, our precious rhino forgotten.

Be part of World Rhino Day

Today, support World Rhino day by sharing with all you know of how critically endangered these animals are, and that their horns belong to them and them only.

How to tell the difference between a White Rhino and a Black Rhino

White Rhino
Black Rhino

White Rhino

  • White Rhinos graze grass, so you will see them most times with their heads held down
  • Their lips are wide and flat (designed to ‘mow’ the grass)
  • It’s not white as the name suggests, it is grey
  • They are bigger than the Black Rhino

Black Rhino

  • Black Rhinos have a sharp pointed upper lip
  • Black Rhinos browse from trees (rather than ‘mow’ the grass like White Rhinos)
  • Black Rhinos are smaller than White Rhinos
  • Black Rhinos are not black, but also grey like White Rhinos.  They are often covered in mud so sometimes the colour can be confusing.


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