I’m blaming Sydney for my silence!!

Wow, have I been slack!! Its been over a month since I wrote my last blog.  This means I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging: ‘You must be regular’ – ‘Your readers must hear from you consistently’, ‘keep those posts coming’.

It’s not that I’ve tired of this hobby, or that I have run out of ideas.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  I’ve just returned home after spending two glorious months exploring Sydney and have an archive of photos, notes as well as ideas in my head.

I was to0 busy being ‘not at home, that I didn’t have time to write’!!

According to my Fitbit, I walked between 10 – 12 km each day.  One day I did 22 km.  By the time I arrived home I was too tired to open my computer to share with you the fun I had on the streets of Sydney.

Added to that I was staying with Devan and Shanley and the evenings were spent together treasuring the limited time we had before I headed back to the shores of Africa.

Photo of Devan and Tami's home in Sydney
Picture of Devan and myself with dogs with Sydney Harbour behind us

Sydney, with her magnificent harbour, interesting suburbs, marvellous coastal walks and of course nature reserves has provided me with a never-ending list of ideas and topics to share with you.  So, although I can’t promise regular posts as much as I would like to, I’m back and will write.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some of my favourite photos (not necessarily the best, most taken with my cellphone) and I’ll elaborate in future posts.

Family enjoying picnic in Hyde Park

Spent most of my time in Sydney itself

On the right, we’re enjoying an evening picnic in Hyde Park.   Afterwards, we strolled around the park in search of possums which we found.  They are so tame, obviously people feed them and they were happy to help us finish our strawberries and blueberries.  Rather an expensive meal for a possum, but fun for us.

Harbour Bridge at night

Red wine tastes even better in the company of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Myself on ferry with Opera House in backgrownd

Every ferry ride off Circular Quay is exciting especially while passing Sydney’s icons

Ice Pool at Bondi Beach

Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk ends here.  Fabulous walk, love this pool and Bondi is exciting

View from top of Harbour Bridge overlooking Opera House

View of Sydney from the walkway across Harbour Bridge

Photo of myself with a friend at Taronga Zoo overlooking Sydney

Friend Lyn and myself at Tarango Zoo admiring the incredible views of Sydney

Photo of building on Goods Line walk in Sydney

On the Goods Line Urban walk found this eye-catching building – Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

Anzac Bridge, Sydney

Anzac Bridge – had to cross it every day to get in/out of Sydney city from Devan’s house

Sunset over Elkington Park Sydney

Above: Elkington Park where we took the dogs for a walk most days

Right: Devan feeding Lucy the orphan kangaroo at Featherdale Wildlife Park

Feeding Lucy the orphan Kangaroo at Featherdale Wildlife Park

Port Macquarie, Melbourne and Jervis Bay

Myself and cousin Jill in Dandenong Mountains Melbourne

With cousin Jill in Dandenong Mountains, Melbourne

Coastal walk in Port Macquarie

Above: Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

Right: On the road to Jervis Bay, dogs included!!

Family in car on way to Jervis Bay

Birds, with dashes of other wonderful creatures

Ringing Bullers Albatross

Left: A Buller’s Albatross caught to be ringed.

Right top:  Loved seeing wild Kangaroos and Wallabies

Right:  Rose Robin

Left Bottom:  Goanna

Middle Bottom:  Bird Hide in Olympic Park Stadium

Right Bottom:  Click here to read about Rainbow Lorikeets

Kangaroo in Capertee Valley
Rose Robin
Goanna with tongue out
Lady walking to bird hide at Olympic Park, Sydney
Rainbow Lorikeet

Thanks for popping by.  I love comments so please send me a message and perhaps share with me your experiences of a city you love.


  1. Rosalyn

    Beautiful Cheryl thanks for sharing

    Love Rosalyn ❤️❤️

  2. Shirley Daly

    Stunning Cheryl, thanks for sharing!


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