One of the first birds I saw when I visited Devan in Sydney last year was a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets.  I labeled them ‘Our Noisy Neighbours” as they screeched and chattered while I enjoyed my early morning coffee.

It’s easy to see why they’re called ‘rainbow’ lorikeets.  They have almost all the colours of a rainbow.  Their heads are blue/mauve, their backs deep green and they have orange/yellow breasts with a yellow collar on their necks.  Added to that, they have red wing coverts when they fly.

God must have been in playful mood when he designed these little fellas!!

Any new birder visiting Australia myself included, will enjoy watching these cute birds.  They all gather in a tree feeding and suddenly a few will fly off calling loudly.   The rest follow quickly screeching as they fly.  Could it be they’re yelling :

“I’m coming, I’m coming … wait for me”?

Another reason to enjoy these birds is that they are used to people and happy to be in our company.  This gives any bird lover an opportunity to closely watch them feeding.  Added to that, it’s possible to take lovely photos of them.

The birds feed on fruit, pollen and nectar.  They have tiny brushes on their tongues with hair-like projections to suck up the nectar. Sometimes they feed low down and you can creep up close to them and watch as they feed.

Rainbow Lorikeet
Feeding Rainbow Lorikeet
I managed to do this while in Jervis Bay.   A lorikeet was so intent in his feeding from a protea bush he totally ignored me while I clicked away with my cellphone.

Great fun.

For more information about these beautiful birds Click Here


I’m really enjoying bird watching here in Sydney and have found some lovely birds which I hope to share soon.

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  1. Karin Adams

    Beautiful little birds. Those colours are truly amazing! Enjoy the rest of your time there!