2016 was ‘The Year of Goodbyes’.  It started with me mourning the death of my Dad who died in November the previous year.  In July I had to say goodbye to my son Devan and his beautiful wife when they immigrated to Australia.  In September the same year, I bid a sad farewell to my mother who died peacefully at the ripe old age of 82.

Now half-way through December, after hauling out my 2017 photos, I realized this had been a far better year.  Below are photos of some of the highlights.  It’s pretty photo intensive, so just keep scrolling

2017 Visit to Sydney

A day out in Blue Mountains
Special Dinner at Darling Harbour
Being an outdoor fanatic, lover of nature and passionate about birds, I found time to birdwatch often and visit some magnificent nature reserves around Sydney.
Nature Reserve near Sydney
Laughing Kookaburra
Kangaroos in the wild
Little Corella

April saw me somewhere in the middle of the ocean aboard the MSC Sinfonia with almost 2000 birders.  We spent four days scouring the sky for pelagic birds and were treated with albatrosses, petrels, skuas, and shearwaters to name a few, never mind some amazing mammals such as pilot whales.  (Watch a 3 minute video on this trip)

2017 Flock at Sea on MSC Sinfonia

Birdwatching on MSC Sinfonia
Arriving in Cape Town after 4 days on the Ocean
Birdwatching takes me to some beautiful places, these were just a few of them:

West Coast of South Africa


Thali Thali, Langebaan
Spring flowers, Langebaan
Cape Gannet Colony, Lamberts Bay

2017 Cape Town & Surrounds (family included!)

With my brother on Strand Beach
Celebrating my 700th lifer (bird), Pringle Bay
Visiting wine farms, Stellenbosch
Penguin colony Betty's Bay
Crane Conservancy, Karkloof
Weenen Nature Reserve
St Lucia & Mtunzini
Sani Pass

2017 – Another Good-Bye


This time, I had to see Tami and Shane move to Johannesburg.  At least it is not too far.  As a result, I’ve visited Joburg a few times already.  Love their markets, and hope to discover more in the new year.

Exploring Johannesburg's markets
Family at Mkuze

Sibling weekend in Mkuze

The year closed spending a weekend in Mkuze Game Reserve with my four siblings.  This was one of my father’s favourite places and so we chose Nsumu Pan in Mkuze to celebrate our parents’ lives and the wonderful memories they had created for us.

What was your year like?  Hope you enjoyed healthy family time, a little bit of travel, had an opportunity to chase your passion, and say few or better still, no ‘good-byes’.




  1. Rosa

    Beautiful thanks

  2. Ritu Bhathal

    Great pics and memories to show therr is always a silver lining no matter how many clouds . X

    • Cheryl King

      Thanks for popping by Ritu. I enjoyed reading why you started blogging, similar to myself. Congratulations on your book Poetic Rituals.

  3. Debbie Harris

    What a fantastic year of travelling you’ve had Cheryl!, I’m so sorry to hear of your year of goodbyes though, how sad for you.
    I love your photos here!

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you so much for visiting Debbie. I have had a glorious year and am grateful. Love your blog, has encouraged me often.

  4. Ann

    …. and more exciting things for 2018!!

  5. Stella

    Lovely reading. Well done… not too shabby for 2017!

  6. Karin

    Stunning review! Evokes much awe for our creation – wonderful landscapes etc. Your photography is fabulous!