I’m loving the stunning sixties.

Two years ago when I reached the big number, my youngest sister Ann gave me a gift along with a handmade card.  It said something like this :

S – Sixty

I – Inspirational

X – eXciting

T – That’s

Y – You


Loving the Stunning Sixties

Well it’s two years since then and with my birthday last Sunday, I got to thinking about how I feel now.  What it’s like to be heading (a bit too fast) toward another big number?

The funny thing is that I sometimes see people and think “They’re so old”.  Too many times I suddenly realize I’m probably the same age as them!!   Then again, I really don’t mind being the same age as the likes of beautiful, natural and sexy women like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren.

Yip, they no doubt have made changes here and there with the help of all their money, but it’s their attitude and confidence I love.

It’s going downhill from here

My late father used to say, “It’s going downhill from here” and it’s true:

  • No longer am I able to eat some foods, they’re just too rich for me.
  • No longer am I able to walk as far or as fast as I used to. Boulder hopping is now quite out of the question.
  • No longer do I look good in just any outfit – I have to be more selective
  • No longer does it take 5 minutes to brush my hair and slap on some lipstick before running out the door.

          It takes a while longer to prepare my face for public viewing!

It’s uphill from here

My late mother on the other hand, used to say growing older was “uphill from here”, I also agree with her .

  • It’s uphill keeping up in the gym. Just the other day a young girl in the class kindly gave me her medicine ball “this one’s the lightest, I’ll get another one for myself”.  Obviously I was struggling!
  • It’s uphill maintaining my health and weight. Sometimes it feels like I’m waging world war three all on my own.
  • Some days I just get tired, for no apparent reason and need to relax at home and read a book.
  • It was uphill having to say final farewell to my parents when they reached the end of their lives

I bet if I asked Meryl, Diane or Helen, they will admit they too have uphills and downhills each day themselves.

It’s the path we choose that makes the Sixties Stunning

However, it’s the path we choose and how we walk it that makes the Stunning Sixties (I prefer to think Sexy Sixties) fun.

In my forties I was working my fingers to the bone to build up my career, ensuring my children were well taken care of, paying off bonds and a cars.  I had no time to think about who I really was, what I wanted, who I wanted (and didn’t want) in my life.  I was also worried about ‘what people thought’ and was so busy trying to conform.

By the time I turned 50 life was improving. I had the pleasure of seeing my children grow up and forge happy successful lives for themselves.  I learned to have confidence to be who I am, and not worry too much about what other people think about me. I learned what and who I love and I found the courage to rid myself of what I didn’t want or need.

I also found my passions and have the privilege of following them ardently.


Following my passions
My family when I turned 60
At Rooi-Els after seeing my 700th Southern African bird

I have friends similar to the Meryls, Dianes and Helens of this world

The best is I have a string of girlfriends, all similar to the Meryls, Dianes and Helens – fun, fascinating, and sexy.

Hmm, Sixty and Me, we make a good match.


  1. Carrie

    I like the uphill and downhill analogy. Yes, it seems to both at times. I’m turning 51 and I find that certain things are an uphill battle motivation to eat right and exercise . Others are a downward battle having fun with friends, more freedoms since most of the kids are grown. Enjoyed the post.

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you for your positive comments. I’m new to blogging and trying my best.

    • Cheryl King

      Oops, forgot to say congratulations on being awared blogger recognition. Hopefully I will get there one day.

  2. Elise

    I love your perspective and the fact that you keep it so real. There are positives and negatives to everything.

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you for visiting. Too true about positive and negative – I just try to see more positives than negatives,

  3. Brenda

    Well done Cheryl, a thought provoking blog. You certainly look great for 60+ and your heart attitude keeps you young 🙂 It was great to meet you today. Thanks for your support.

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you for visiting Brenda. I was so intrigued with St Giles and sincerely believe you must do Instagram. I will be one of your first followers.