Thank you Cee for Share Your World.  Here are my answers.

Was school easy of difficult for you? How so?

The bottom line is I never liked school.  Hated sitting in a classroom when all I wanted was to be outside.  Saying that, I loved learning.  Geography and Biology were my favourite subjects.

List some of your favourite type of animals

Birds –  my absolute favourite.  Guess if you following my blog you will know that!!

Albatrosses are my favourite birds

Albatross feeding

Warthog – I know they are not the most glamorous of animals, in fact they are quite ugly.

When they are alarmed, they stick their tails bolt up like aerials and run off.

Warthog family drinking from waterhold

Wild Dog (Painted Dog)

These highly endangered animals are fascinating and it is always exciting to see them.  They hunt in packs and have strong family bonds, a female will even nurse another’s pup.


Domestic Dogs – I believe they really are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

This is Nixon, my daughter’s Schnauzer.




Schnauzer dog running on beach with a stick in his mouth
Cathedral and River Spree in Berlin

What is your favourite large city you have been to?  What is the one thing you remember the most?

Guess I will have to choose Berlin.

My first visit was when the wall still divided the city.  It was daunting having to go through Check Point Charlie with all the security checks to visit the East.  What a blessing it was when the wall was destroyed.


What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?

At the end of this month I will be another year older.  This has inspired me to write a post ‘Sixty and Me’.  Have had fun writing it. Hopefully will be up this week.

So guess I share with you Susan Sarandon’s take on being on being on the wrong side of 60!

“Growing to this age, is the kind of like feeling your voice deepen.  It’s still your voice, but it has more substance, and it sounds like it knows it’s own origns.”



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  1. Ellen pather

    Visited your blog today and so glad I did – lovely. Look fwd to visiting more.

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you for visiting Ellen, do hope you visit again. I enjoyed your posts about Durban, sometimes we forget our own cities are just as fasinating as those we dream of.

  2. Tasneem Sheldon

    Hi Cheryl I visited your blog today and felt the outside world creep into my heart. ur adventures shared really makes me long to experience the same thank u look forward to the next visit

    • Cheryl King

      Thank you so much for visiting Tas, was so nice. Remember life changes. Right now you have lots of commitments and responsibilities, but your children will grow up and you will have more time. (Then you wish you had your kids back like me!).

      You can subscribe and then you will receive an email each time I post something. Go to one of the posts and on the right-hand side, you will see a box where you can fill in your email address. Otherwise follow me on facebook


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