Carpet of white, yellow and orange wilflowers

Another bucket list wish is to celebrate spring on the West Coast and Namaqualand. This only happens in August and September each year. It also depends on the rainfall.

Last year, after spending a weekend birding off Simonstown Harbour we drove up the West Coast looking for birds. The wildflowers had not even entered my head – only the birds I wanted to see. Just past the entrance in the West Coast National Park we found our first bird – the Northern Black Korhaan standing among an array for bright colourful daisies. What a sighting.

Southern Black Korhaan amoung the wildflowers on the West Coast

Celebrate spring on the West Coast & Namaqualand

Driving along, the flowers became more and more vibrant and abundant. When we saw the directions to Postberg, I begged my fellow birders to please let’s “just pop in”. Reluctantly they agreed. After paying our entrance fee we found ourselves surrounded by carpets of flowers. There were a few birds but I’ve forgotten what they were. Was far was more interested in this spectacle before my eyes. Even the guys were on their hands and knees taking photos.

Carpet of orange, white and yellow wildflowers on the West Coast

This was just a taster for me – I want to go back, it’s on my bucket list. Is it on yours?

My wish is to spend time in Darling where I will attend the Oldest Wildflower Show. It’s 100 years old this year. There are also a number of reserves in the Darling area which boasts about a 1000 different flower species.

From there I would love to visit out of the way places such as Nieuwoudtville.