Something I learned while staying with Devan and Shanley is that Shanley loves Museums. So I grabbed the opportunity of our days together to visit three of them and loved every moment.

VAUCLUSE HOUSE is situated in the most beautiful and very expensive suburb Vaucluse. The streets are lined with leafy well established trees, harbour views are plentiful and the homes magnificent. Shanley and I were both so mesmerized by the sheer beauty surrounding us we found ourselves wandering around the homes while waiting for the bus. I think we would have both been quite happy if the bus was an hour late.

Getting back to Vaucluse House, this building has an interesting history but not as tragic as Hyde Barracks . This was the home of a very wealthy family with convict roots. Once again, our guide had us captured with the story (history has never been so interesting) of the Wentworth family who lived there with their 10 children. We were invited into the kitchen that was so well displayed I could almost see the cook bending over the fire with her huge pots. In fact I think if I tried a little harder, I would have even smelled the food cooking.

View of Vaucluse House
View of Vaucluse House from the Garden of Pleasure looking through an archway

A visit to Vaucluse House is well worth it.  To get there from the city centre is easy and picturesque in itself, making it a marvelous day out.

The gardens surrounding the house are just as charming. There is the Garden of Pleasure with ornamental plants, sweet smelling flowers and lovely views of the house along with pathways curving in and out.  While wandering along the paths, all the with the mansion looking on we met up with a White Faced Heron hiding in the bush.  I think he was hoping we would not notice him as he was reluctant to move.

At the back of the house you will find the original laundry, the original vegetable garden still producing its vegetables, a forest walk to a small waterfall and a field where I imagined the family playing croquet.

We spoiled ourselves by visiting the Vaucluse Tea Garden.  We were lucky enough to sit on the terrace as the tearoom was very busy and it was a beautiful warm day.  No one would want to be inside on a day like this.  The food and service was good but I found it expensive.

I also think that I would have far preferred to have had a picnic in the field behind the house, so maybe I was a little prejudiced.


 Sydney Living Museums

The Vaucluse House and the grounds re managed by Sydney Living Museums.  This organization is dedicated to conserving some of Sydney’s important historic buildings.  Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable

To get to Vaucluse House from Sydney is relatively easy and picturesque so can be a marvelous day out for the tourist or anyone who has an interest in beautiful buildings and history.